About us

From banquets to shopping and from Tv Shows to news and books the International Independent Entertainment Council – IIEC, explores and researches the elements which are mobilising the vivid, nascent and colourful community of people and corporations, in the entertainment industry. We support in a variety of ways independent entertainment actors and companies to come together, network and create something spectacular, aesthetically sound, supporting at the same time our societies and neighbourhoods. 

The International Independent Entertainment Council, is an entertainment ecologies organisation, linked to cultural, arts, literature and creative ecologies, focusing on research and data gathering, entertainment economy, management, marketing and promotion, specifically linked to entertainment ecologies, contemporary trends and markets and to related entertainment production lines and productivities .

The International Independent Entertainment Council does not sponsor nor support any type of political activities, political parties, religions and religious initiatives.

The organisation is not linked to movements (with the exception of non-political entertainment ecologies artistic, cultural, creativity movements, on a case-by-case basis validated).

The International Independent Entertainment Council – IIEC is a member of the Internatioal Independent, which is an Arts, Culture, Creative Industries and Entertainment consortium.